Cleaning an office is a task that is important to have done in a proper manner. Forbes recommends dividing an office into tasks when determining breaking up cleaning tasks. One major cleaning concern for any office is the floor areas. Many offices feature carpet flooring which is inexpensive and durable. Having carpet professionally cleaned is essential for having a clean office. There are many drawbacks associated with keeping workers around dirty office carpets. In this post, you will learn four drawbacks of unclean carpet in your office.

Hidden Dirt Compacted into Carpet

Many businesses will employ someone to ensure office carpet is clean. Standard cleaning equipment may remove surface dirt. It is important to know that carpet collects dirt and dust beneath what is visible. If left untreated, hidden dirt will play a huge part in triggering allergies and sickness within your office. You will want to have a professional office cleaning company ensure all hidden office carpet dirt is removed. Huffington Post reports average indoor carpet contains 4,000 times as much dirt as a toilet seat.

Carpet Collects Pet Dander

You might think that your office doesn’t have any pet dander inside of it. It makes sense to think that only pet store employees or vet offices would have to worry about animal dander. However, many of your employees have pets. It is likely that this animal dander is being transferred from employees’ homes. Pet dander is a common cause of someone’s allergies becoming worse.

Stains Often Remain in Carpet

Many offices know the pain of one bad carpet stain. Carpet stains that are not treated can become eyesores for decades. You will want to get in touch with a professional cleaning service to remove unsightly carpet stains. Traditional cleaning methods are often difficult to clean stained carpets. The longer a stain is set into a carpet, the tougher it is for traditional methods to remove the stain. You don’t want to delve deeply into an office budget on cleaning methods that may not work. Contacting a professional cleaning service will help restore your office floors. Finding Bay Area cleaners will help keep your office in beautiful condition.

Many Dirty Carpets Contain a Foul Odor

A major drawback of dirty office carpets is a foul smelling office. No business owner wants to work in an unpleasant environment. A professional cleaning service will help ensure your company has clean and pleasant smelling carpet. Aside from a foul smell, damaged carpet may pose adverse health risks to employees. Foul smelling carpet may contain harmful germs that should not be inhaled.

In closing, every business owner benefits from hiring a cleaning service. You’ll find that professional cleaners give you more time to run your business without worry about cleaning. Carpet contains dirt and dander that can become untouchable with traditional cleaning methods. A professional cleaning service will remove stains and smells from dirty office carpeting. Having office carpet professionally cleaned is something every employee will enjoy.