Berber carpet has thick, heavy yarn that is durable and comfortable to walk on. It’s found in homes and in offices. Stain-resistant, it still requires periodic care to stay fresh. The first word of advice is to purchase a quality carpet in the first place; the best ones are made of wool or nylon. These materials are much easier to clean than alternatives.

Caring for your carpet is an ongoing chore. Avoiding spills and dirt is a great way to keep your Berber carpet from getting ruined too quickly. Shoes should not be worn indoors for many reasons, one of which is they easily leave behind dirt from outside. Literally anything that is on the sidewalk can go from your shoe to the carpet, including mud, oil, germs, and even bubble gum.

You should also not eat or drink over the carpet either. Food stains and even simple crumbs can strain the fibers, and all kinds of drinks leave behind stubborn stains. Coffee, wine, soda, and other beverages can be hard to clean out, so it’s best to make a habit of having your morning or afternoon drinks elsewhere.

Stay Vigilant About Carpet Cleaning

Your Berber carpet will stay in better shape if you clean it often. Vacuum it regularly to make sure dust, pollen, and particulates don’t pile up and fill up the fibers. Carpeting can take on a lot of material that may sit there until someone walks by, and then the air quality of the entire home can be affected. The challenge with Berber carpet is the thick loops. These can be difficult to clean in the case of a deep stain that soaks or gets trampled down to the deeper layers.

Like with any carpet, blot the excess liquid, and pick up as much dirt and debris as you can if the spill is dry. Vacuuming should pick up the rest. The best thing you can do is not let a stain sit there and soak through the fibers.

Vacuuming a Berber Carpet

This requires a few important considerations that can make a difference. The procedure may vary depending on the type of carpet you have. Different machines have different brushes, so be sure to choose the one that is most suitable for the kind of rug you have. As for how often to vacuum, that depends on how much use the carpet gets and where it is located.

It can be tough to keep carpet clean. Sometimes you need a professional, especially if you’re not exactly sure what equipment or cleansers to use. The service provider will need to know the kind of carpet you have and they will select the right things to bring in. A professional can get to that ground in dirt, and stains that are seemingly impossible to get out. The results will be much more effective than if you attempt to clean the carpet without knowledge of the best equipment, solutions, and procedures that can remove stubborn stains, dust, grime, and anything that can soil the rug.