With just a few days left for JEE Advanced, engineering aspirants across the country, who have been studying hard for the past two years to get into their dream college, might be wondering if they are going to make it. After all these hard work and taking innumerable mock tests, they know that hard work alone doesn’t pay off when it comes to cracking the most difficult engineering entrance examination in the country. Here, one needs to do smart work. And they have prepared smartly for this exam.

This smart approach must be maintained not only during the preparation stage but also while taking the actual exam. Here are a few tips on how to attempt JEE Advanced:

  1. By now you already know what your strengths and weaknesses are. You know which subject you find the easiest. Start off with that subject.
  2. Attempt only those questions which you find easy or which you are sure of.
  3. Do not try to answer all the questions. Do not spend too much time on one question. If you find a particular question difficult, go onto the next question. You need to maintain a balance between your speed and accuracy.
  4. Go to the next easy subject and then the next. In each of these cases, follow the same strategy as in the first one.
  5. Your First Look Time – the time you spend to go through the entire paper at least once, but not necessarily answer all the questions – should be less than 100 minutes. You must have enough time to go through the paper again, try to attempt some more questions, and even for revision.
  6. You First Look Accuracy – the number of questions you attempted correctly in the first look- should be more than 90%.
  7. After you have gone through the whole paper once, go to the starting point and try to attempt questions which you think can answer.
  8. Do not guess blindly. If you cannot arrive at an answer, try the method of elimination. This should be your last resort.

Also, do not think or talk about the first paper of JEE Advanced during the break. You can analyze it later. Do not spend time with other students. Stay calm and peaceful. You have worked for two years, and it is going to pay off. Stay confident.
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