Mosquitos belong to scientific classification family Culicidae, and can be further classified into any one of more than 3,500 — that’s thirty-five hundred — species. These insects are considered to be flies, and arguably more annoying than every type of compound-eye, scrap-eating fly known to man. Many homeowners’ — including me, and probably you, as well — places of living and the landscapes gravity affixes them to.

People from all around the world suffer from diseases carried and transmitted in mosquitos, including malaria, dengue and yellow fevers, and West Nile Virus, among many others. The continent of Africa is notorious for these and other mosquito-born diseases. Sub-Saharan Africa in particular lacks sufficient infrastructure, human capital, and other pertinent resources to facilitate medically-advanced societies like the majority of the world.

Mosquitos live all throughout the United States of America, beginning their life cycles as early as February in the country’s southernmost portions. Because areas of the United States ranging from the mid-latitude point near Kansas City, Missouri up to Maine, Washington, and North Dakota are colder than regions with lower latitude values, these mosquito-privileged areas usually don’t begin seeing mosquitos until April, May, and sometimes even later in summer months.

Regardless of which areas see mosquitos more than others, every renter, homeowner, dependent, live-in adolescent, and family member should be familiar with combating mosquitos. Here are several tips, tricks, and proven strategies for fighting adult mosquitos, the eggs they lay, evolving larva, and the habitats they thrive in.

First utilizing personal repellant chemicals. 

Bug sprays, whether designed for mosquitos in particular or all bugs, are effective at keeping mosquitos at bay for short periods of time. Such spray is a hassle to put on, it stinks, and doesn’t last all too long, unfortunately. Citronella is a good complement to bug spray, ridding pesky mosquitos from its general area.

Mosquito bites itch and cause sometimes-significant swelling. Several mosquito-borne diseases are transmitted exclusively through these lovely flies, potentially causing sickness. Repellants reduce both of these risks.

Directly killing mosquitos, their eggs, and the places they breed .

Use powerful, commercial-grade termination spray to kill mosquitos on contact. You can also use bait to first feed them, then take out their entire colonies. Utilize mosquito barrier spray to keep them out of breeding grounds. Get rid of standing puddles of water, as well.

Mosquito control solutions

Getting rid of mosquito populations around one’s home is often difficult, not to mention time-consuming, risking personal discomfort, and potential injury. Mosquito Squad has bug-killing experts trained to quickly eradicate adult mosquitos and prevent new generations from spawning. They offer a number of answers to pesky populations of disease-carrying mosquitos, forming particular programs around the customers’ family, home, and environmental needs.