When it’s time to back your bags and head away from the exciting fields of higher education, it can be a challenging thing to find quality housing on a student’s budget. On one hand, you don’t want to pay so much for housing that you can’t afford school books. On the other hand, if you pay too little for campus housing, you’re going to live in an area that might not make it very easy to study. It all depends on your goals going to college, but there are a few questions you can ask yourself before settling on University of Florida off campus housing.

Things to consider before choosing off campus housing

1. How close to campus do you want to be? If you don’t have reliable transportation, you need to pay close attention to bus routes and other ways you can affordably get to class. If you do have reliable transportation, this will be less of a concern but given the rush to get to class on the roads, you still want to get as close to campus as possible.

2. What can you afford? Be realistic! Many students over stretch themselves trying to make sure they have the nicest place to live as possible. This is natural and it’s also a trap. If you spend too much on housing, you will find that your stress accumulates rapidly. It’s very difficult to budget during college courses because your mind is on more important things, like the subjects you’re studying. Don’t spend so much on housing that your food budget suffers or that you can’t afford necessities.

3. Are you willing to have roommates? If you’re willing to take in a roommate or two, you’re going to get a much nicer place to live. You’re also going to sacrifice a lot of privacy and might potentially run into some problems if you get a roommate that isn’t particularly easy to live with. Don’t take on a roommate at all if you’re the type of person who needs privacy in order to learn. Unlike siblings, people we meet in college aren’t always something we can anticipate. Think of worst case scenarios and ask yourself if you could still live with that type of person because if you get a roommate, that might be just the type of person you end up with.

There are many other variables that will help you determine what kind of learning environment is going to work for you offline. You’ll still be able to participate in on campus events and keep active with the community, but off campus housing will also give you additional freedoms that you might not be ready for. If you think you’re ready to wade into the life of someone in off campus housing, it’s a matter of asking yourself good questions and answering them very honestly. Only then will you have an idea of what kind of off campus housing you’re willing to spend money on during the semester.