When disposing of waste in your area, there are many different issues that should be considered from storage to hygiene. We hope to enlighten you on how you can deal with these issues in an efficient and safe manner.

First check your waste type

You should start from the beginning and first of all decide the type of waste you will be disposing and the potential threats it may pose.

If you are disposing of hazardous waste you may need a certain type of container. With most types of waste that will start to decompose it should be stored in a sealed container so that it does not pose a hygiene issue. For food waste, a sealed container is also essential to prevent animals from having access to the waste and stopping maggots from developing in the waste.

Can your waste be recycled?

Often on your packaging it will tell you whether your items can be recycled. Waste recycling bins can be provided by your local council and have different sections for different types – for example cardboard, plastic and wood.

If your waste is clothing or material then remember it can be reword or resown to create something new. Food waste can be used to create a compost heap which will be good for your garden, as well as the environment by other means of disposal.

How much waste do you have?

Depending on the volume of your waste you may have a decision to make on the way the waste is disposed. Small volumes of waste will be collected by your local council, where as larger volumes may have to be collected by a local waste disposal company. There are other options where you can dispose of the waste yourself. Local skip hire companies can provide different types of skips – some for hardcore and soil, others for general waste which will cost less.

If you have a local waste site you can drive the waste in your own car, so long as it fits in your vehicle and can be taken safely to the waste disposal site. You can also split waste into what can be recycled in your own bin and what can be driven and disposed at a waste disposal site.

Special types of waste must be disposed with caution

If you are disposing of batteries these need to be disposed of in a certain way to make sure they don’t become a hazard. These can be taken to a waste disposal site and drained of acid. Other flammable waste will also need to be made safe before it is disposed of.